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As a new season approaches at Howard Palmetto Baseball Softball Association (HPBSA), we look forward to another year of continued success, and we share in the ideas of good sportsmanship. Many rules have been modified in an effort to make our playing environment competitive, enjoyable, and safe. The Rules Committee, appointed by the President, met several times to make the necessary changes to better our program. We would like to thank the members of the committee whom made our jobs easier. These rules are to serve as a guideline for league play. We hope to have created a competitive yet safe environment. Good luck to all teams. Play hard, demonstrate good sportsmanship and play by the rules.

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The league will be divided into divisions according to age as follows:


5 & Under     T-Ball Titans              up to 8/31/10

7 & Under     Atom I – American   9/1/08 – 8/31/10

8 & Under     Atom I – National    9/1/07 – 8/31/08

9 & Under     Atom II                       9/1/06 – 8/31/07

10 & Under   Bantam I                    9/1/05 – 8/31/06

11 & Under    Bantam II                  9/1/04 – 8/31/05

12 & Under    Midget I                     9/1/03- 8/31/04

13 & Under    Midget II                   9/1/02 – 8/31/03

14 & Under    Juvenile I                  9/1/01 – 8/31/02

15 & Under    Juvenile II                 9/1/00 – 8/31/01


All children must play in the division determined by the above chart. HPBSA prohibits any child from playing in a division higher or lower than the one properly designated by his or her year of birth except at the discretion of HPBSA for the sole purpose of balancing out teams in a division. Divisions may be combined depending on enrollment.



The league will be divided into divisions according to age as follows:


8 & Under             Softball I              Age of player as / of Jan 1, 2015

10 & Under           Softball II            ”                                                      ”

12 & Under           Softball III           ”                                                      ”

13 & Under           Softball IV           ”                                                      ”


No child may play in a division lower than the one properly designated by her year of birth. However, a child may play in a higher division if the parents of that child present a case to the Executive Committee in person.

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